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How You Can Help Your Lawyer Win Your Dog Bite Compensation Case

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If you're like more than the 800,000 other people each year who require medical attention due to a dog bite, you are likely looking to be compensated for your medical bills, loss of work, as well as your pain and suffering. Luckily, you'll find plenty of lawyers in the industry whose expertise lies in personal injury cases – but don't expect your legal representative to do all the leg work if you want to ensure an optimal outcome. Here's how you can help your dog bite lawyer ensure the fair outcome of your dog bite compensation case:

Take Plenty of Pictures

One of the best ways you can support your legal representative is to maintain a collection of updated photos that depict the healing progression of your injuries. Start taking photos as soon as possible after the injuries occur and take a snapshot or two each evening thereafter throughout your personal injury case. This will offer some visual insight into how serious the injuries are and provide proof of how long they take to heal. The photos can be taken with anything from a smartphone to a digital camera – the important thing to keep in mind when taking the pictures is whether or not there is a sufficient light source so the injuries can be plainly and easily seen in each photo.

Get Some Statements

Another way to ensure that your lawyer has all the information they need to successfully build a case for your lawsuit is to get some statements from anyone who saw the dog attack happen. If you were bitten in your neighborhood, knock on your neighbors' doors and ask them to write out a small statement explaining what they saw. The more detail your witnesses can provide the better, but don't worry about drilling them for information.

However in order to ensure that the information you receive from witnesses is streamlined and viable, it's a good idea to create a form and make copies of it to have people fill out. The form should ask for names, phone numbers, and specifics about the incident. For example, you should ask what type of dog was seen, whether any provocation was noticed, how the owner of the dog reacted, and how the situation finally came to an end.  

Copy all of your Paperwork

It is also important to collect all of your receipts and make copies of them so you can keep a set and your lawyer can have a set. Medical bills and doctor analysis, medicine and medical accessory receipts, as well as letters from your employer stating that you're unable to work due to your injuries are all important things your lawyer will want to get their hands on. Any kind of official paperwork, letters, receipts, or statements that pertain to your dog bite case should be collected, copied, and handed over to your representative as you get them. Keep the originals yourself in a safe place at home in case the copies are lost or more copies need to be made for the court.

Keep a Detailed Diary

Yet another great way to support your lawyer throughout your personal injury case is to keep a detailed diary that is focused solely on the injuries you've suffered due to the dog attack. Take a little time out of your day each morning and evening to write down any symptoms you're experiencing due to your injuries, the type and amount of medication you have recently taken, your state of mind, and any other issues or thoughts that are relevant to the case at the time of your writing. This diary can be presented in court to provide detailed insight into the pain and suffering you've gone through since being bitten by a dog.

These tips and tricks shouldn't be hard to implement, and your lawyer will surely appreciate your efforts. You may even be able to save some money on your representative's services for being a proactive participant in your case.