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Budget Woes And Accidents: What To Expect

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While getting medical treatment for your injuries is the first order of business after an accident, it might not take long for your budget to begin to feel the effects of it. When another driver causes an accident they are responsible for covering your losses and all of those losses are connected to financial damages. Read on to get a better idea of what you can expect in terms of money damages from your car accident.

Pain and suffering

This area of financial compensation is meant to pay people for the overall impact of the accident when it comes to emotional issues. Even minor wrecks can wreak havoc on your stress level, and getting well from an injury and your life back to normal can seem like a faraway goal at times. Every bit of the pain, discomfort, misery, lack of enjoyment, and more fall into the pain and suffering category. The dollar amount you are eligible for depends, in part, on the dollar amount of your medical bills. The more severe your injury, and the more your medical treatment costs, the more you may be awarded for pain and suffering.

Medical Expenses

This area of damage may comprise the highest dollar amount of compensation since medical care can be so very expensive. Keep up with your bills and receipts, even if the other side is paying the bills, since that amount is used in your pain and suffering compensation. Keeping a pain journal may be both therapeutic and helpful for your personal injury lawyer once you begin to seek compensation.

Vehicular Damages

Whether it means a stay at the body shop or your car has been ruled to be "totaled," you are entitled to have your transportation needs met. This can mean a rental car to use while you wait for a repair or public transportation costs. Pay close attention to the repair vs. replacement issue. You don't want to accept an inadequate repair when a replacement payment is more appropriate. Be sure to keep up with your mileage to and from medical appointments since you are also entitled to that form of damage.

Lost Wages

When you unable to work at your job because of an accident-related medical issue you are entitled to lost wages. Keep up with all time missed as well as any sick leave or vacation time used to cover your loss of salary due to the wreck.

To get an even better idea of what type of monetary damages you are entitled to get speak to an insurance lawyer as soon as possible.