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Parent Has Alzheimer's And In Nursing Home? 2 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

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If your parent has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home, they cannot tell you how they are being treated. For this reason, you need to watch out for signs to ensure they are being well taken care of. This can be difficult to do because someone with Alzheimer's may claim that the nursing home is mistreating them when they really are not. To help you know if your parent is being cared for, below are two signs your parent will likely show if they are being abused so you can hire a nursing home abuse attorney to help you.

Watch For Physical Abuse Signs

It is common for someone with Alzheimer's to fall, as it is with many elderly people. If your parent, however, seems to constantly have bruises on them, the nursing home is likely neglecting them. This is because your parent will fall much more if they are not monitored properly. If you get a call that your parent has fallen and broken a bone, this is a big warning sign that something is going on. Look for restraint marks on your parent's wrists. If you see anything, the nursing home may be restraining your parent in a chair to keep them from getting up and walking around.

You also may get a call from the nursing home that your parent has overdosed on their medication. This is something that should never happen as all medications should be monitored. Your parent should never have access to all medication at once. Instead, a nurse should bring the medication to your parent's room when it is time to take it.

A big warning sign of physical abuse is the nursing home not allowing you to see your parent. You should be able to walk in anytime you want and go to your parent's room to see them. If the nursing home stops you from doing this, your parent is likely showing signs of abuse.

Watch for Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is things like intimidation, harassment, physical threats, verbal abuse, and humiliation. If your parent is being emotionally abused, you will notice their behavior has changed drastically. For example, if your parent was once a quiet person but now is yelling a lot or becoming violent, then something is going on. Your parent may also show signs that they are agitated, such as with talking to themselves, sucking on their lips or their fingers, and sitting and rocking back and forth.

Another sign of emotional abuse is if your parent participated in things before, such as in activities, but now they want nothing to do with these things. You may also notice your parent becoming depressed, or they may not be as alert as they usually are. You can also watch how your parent reacts when nursing home employees are taking care of them. If someone is abusing them, your parent may show signs of fear if this person walks into the room.

Talk with a nursing home abuse attorney if you think your parent is being abused in any way.