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Should You Get a Lawyer If You Get into a Car Wreck?

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When you get into an auto accident, you can be hurt in many ways. Physically, you can be injured to the point where you cannot work and are therefore left wondering how you're going to pay your medical bills and other expenses that your job normally helps you pay for. Your car may be totaled in the wreck, leaving you with repair expenses or having to get a rental car. There may be damage to your property in addition to the wreckage of your vehicle, which can lead to expensive legal battles over who has to pay to repair what.

Whether you've been deemed responsible for your car accident or not —never admit fault in a car crash for your best protection—you need a skilled car accident attorney to help you out. You can gain the finances you deserve to help put your life back in order and have the legal protection you need as you try to straighten out your car accident case. Here are signs you should get a lawyer if you get into a car wreck.

You've been severely injured

If you've been injured to the point where you need months of physical therapy or surgery and need to heal, you'll have to prove to your auto insurance agency and the agency of the other party that you need ongoing medical care. It's usually easier to get medical expenses covered for up-front needs, such as physicals, X-rays, and other immediate medical care needs, but proving you need extensive care for the future can be hard to prove and get money for from insurance companies. A skilled injury law attorney will help estimate what your care will cost to get you the funds you deserve.

The funds you get will also include loss of work. This way, you can get not only medical needs covered but money for your day-to-day household needs as well, at least until you can go back to work.

The other party has no insurance

When the other driver in your wreck has no insurance or is under-insured, you will need to sue them for damages. Since suing someone requires lots of paperwork and going to court, you want a lawyer by your side who will help you every step of the way. The right injury lawyer will get you the money you deserve and stay in communication with you every step of the way.

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