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Injured By A Defective Product? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

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If you've been injured by a defective product, don't wait to take action. You may have the right to seek compensation for you pain and suffering. However, you'll need to take appropriate steps to make sure that you don't jeopardize your claim. Here are the steps you need to take to help you receive compensation for your product-related injuries:

Obtain Immediate Medical Care

If you've sustained injuries, the most important thing you can do is obtain immediate medical care. If you don't have a primary care physician, visit a nearby emergency room. Be sure to tell them that you've been injured by a defective product,and give them as many details as you can about the incident and your injuries. The visit to the emergency room will begin the paper trail you'll need for your product liability claim.

Report the Incident

If you haven't reported the incident, you should do that right away. First, file a report with the manufacturer of the product. Next, notify the store where you purchased the product. When you file the report, provide them with as few details as possible. Additionally, don't answer any questions or agree to provide a written or recorded statement. Insurance companies and attorneys will be looking for ways to undermine your liability claims.

Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

Once you've received medical care and submitted a report, you'll need to gather as much evidence as you can. First, take pictures of your injuries, including the healing process; documenting the severity of the injuries will help with your claim. Next, obtain copies of all your medical records, including those from your emergency visit. Finally, take pictures of the defective product, and write a detailed statement regarding the incident.

Hire a Product Liability Attorney

When it comes to product liability claims, you can't afford to be without legal counsel. Manufacturers have entire legal departments working to help them avoid all claims regarding liability. If you hope to be successful in your claim, you need to hire a product liability attorney immediately. When you meet with your attorney, provide them with all the evidence and information you've gathered. If you've had to pay out-of-pocket expenses for your injuries, be sure to keep copies of all your medical bills. Your attorney will help you receive reimbursement for those expenses.

If you've been injured by a defective product, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation.