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What To Do If Your Child Suffers A Personal Injury At School

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When you send your child off to school, you are temporarily passing the responsibility of their care to another adult like a bus driver, teacher, or principal. You likely have good faith in most of these individuals, but even the most well-run school can have something go wrong. If your child suffered a personal injury while at school and you believe that the school or a school employee was negligent by failing to protect your child, you may have a legal case to pursue. Here's what to do to preserve your legal rights and those of your child after finding out about an incident that resulted in injury while on school premises.

Get Your Child to Walk You Through Step By Step and Write It Down ASAP

If your child is more like a teenager, they may not have trouble recalling the details of the event somewhere down the line. But for a younger child, it's important to get as much information from them as you can before they lose focus on what happened. While talking to your child, make it very clear that they are not in trouble themselves but that Mommy and/or Daddy need to know what happened so you can talk to the school. If the incident was traumatic for your child, you might even want to retain someone who is an expert at talking to children to help you get the story out.

Find Out What School Policy Is and Get a Copy Of It

If a child was injured because someone was negligent, it is fair to say that this someone likely did not follow proper school procedure. In order to prove that someone is legally negligent when it comes to a specific policy, you need to make sure you have a full and complete understanding of what that policy states. Ask the school to explain their side of things, and get a written copy of any official documentation the school may use when in a situation like yours. If you have trouble getting this information, it might be time to contact legal help.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You and Your Family

A seasoned personal injury attorney has likely helped people of all ages in his or her career. After you get the basics of the incident down and know who is accountable for what happened, you need to hand things over to your lawyer. A personal injury lawyer like Kenneth P Hicks may be able to talk to the school for you and get them to settle instead of going to court. Most schools do not want bad publicity, and that certainly includes any incident where a child was injured.

Contact a personal injury attorney today for more information.