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How To Get Justice After Being Knocked Down By A Distracted Driver When Walking Or Jogging

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Motorists who don't concentrate on driving can accidentally knock down pedestrians, making them suffer serious bodily harm. For this reason, you are supposed to be careful when walking or jogging on the road. In addition, you need to know the distractions that may take a driver's attention away when they're behind the wheel. And the legal measures you should take to get compensation for your injuries after an accident. Read on to know more about distracted driving, the injuries you might suffer when a motorist strikes you and how to get justice after a collision.

Distractions That May Lead to Accidents

Safety rules require drivers to concentrate on the road when driving. However, some ignore or fail to follow these rules, which makes them lose concentration when they get behind the wheel. For instance, some drivers play loud music in their vehicles, which takes their minds off the road. Phones and handheld devices also contribute to pedestrian accidents when drivers get their eyes off the road to operate the gadgets. A driver might also lose concentration when they look outside the road to watch people or emergency vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

These negligent behaviors are unlawful, and you can take legal action against the driver when they strike you while walking. However, proving these cases is usually challenging, making it necessary to enlist the services of a car accident lawyer. They will get evidence to prove your case. It might include witness statements of people who saw the driver doing something that took their minds or eyes off the road. This will help them prove that you never made a mistake and that the wrongdoer should take full responsibility for your losses.

Possible Injuries You May Suffer after a Collision 

The most severe injuries happen when motorists strike pedestrians when driving at high speed. Such an accident may make you suffer severe internal head injuries. When this happens, you're supposed to get immediate treatment to prevent future complications that may include blindness or cognition problems. You might also suffer deep cuts, bruises, or broken bones, requiring extensive treatment. The negligent driver is supposed to take responsibility for the money you spend on treatment until you recover. Therefore, you are supposed to preserve all the receipts you get after receiving your medication. They will help your lawyer calculate your settlement. In addition, your medical records will enable your legal advisor to determine the money you need for treatment until you recover fully.

Hiring a car accident lawyer should be one of your top priorities after suffering serious injuries if a driver strikes you. They will gather the evidence needed to hold the negligent driver accountable and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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